Looking for a special gift for the Holidays.

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Are you looking for a special gift for a loved one, something special out of the ordinary? Handmade jewelry maybe?

Then i have the answer. My girlfriend makes jewelry and every piece is a unique artwork. So if you want to give something special to someone special, take a look here. (the website is in dutch we do ship across the globe) Click here to visit.

All the jewelery is hand painted in a unique way and none are the same. You can even choose complete sets of earrings with necklace and ar ring or anything seperate. If you decide to choose earrings they will match one another but none are exactly the same. There is a wide pallet of colours to choose from, and its even possible to send a message with your special request(s).

Who is Danielle?

As i said Danielle is my girlfriend, Danielle is an expressive artist who draws her inspiration from everything that is beyond the conventional. Knows no boundaries with regard to content, color or shape, but works with a perfectionist eye. You can also take a look at her Facebook page.

How is it made?

The jewelery is poured with acrylic paint on a canvas and then transformed into a jewel.

All jewelry is light, easy to wear and not too heavy. There is also a wide choice of colors of the jewelry itself think of silver, Black, Rosegold and a stainless steel look.

Rings and bracelets are available in adjustable variants and can therefore be personalized and ordered with the prefered colors to be mixed.


Take a look and judge for yourself.

I hope you all have nice holidays.


Kind Regards from Danielle and me.

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