So hard to love?

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Why do people so often give another person the idea/ feeling that they are hard to love? I think because in the first place they don’t love their selves, so at that point in their lives they are not capable of giving another person love and affection. One advice if you don’t love yourself that much please don’t hurt another person’s feelings. Especially not the ones that have feelings for you! It’s not their fault that you are wearing a mask. Don’t fake your feelings… Keep it real it’s that simple.

If your feelings fade then tell the one that loves you! So he or she knows and that maybe you can both work on it or end it in the worst case.

You save yourself a lot of trouble making excuses and doing a lot of explaining. The other person then knows exactly where they stand with you… Not having to guess what’s the problem or what they did wrong. It’s that simple and easy. At first it may not seem so nice and quite hard to put it that direct but if you have bad news you better tell it straight away. Believe me it’s way better then to put someone through hell of not telling things and keeping silent about it…


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